Valley with trees


Rabobank is a cooperative bank. There are almost ninety local Rabobanks in the Netherlands, which each operate with a high degree of independence so they can better serve their customers and local communities. Rabobank also has sizeable international banking operations. They focus on international business and rural activities in general and on the Food and Agri sector in particular.

Rabobank has always focused on sustainability in its own operations and is increasingly active in the carbon offset market for its clients. Rabobank has backed the Life Terra foundation with a bank guarantee that allowed us to unlock the grant of the European Commission. We will develop planting events across the Netherlands with local Rabobank branches and support the development of carbon neutral financial products.

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We owe it to future generations to create a more sustainable planet. Life Terra helps to build a green legacy by educating and engaging (young) people in reforestation.

Bruno Schoonenbeek, Project Leader Energy Transition at Rabobank

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