Reflorestar Portugal

Reflorestar Portugal is dedicated to the biodiverse ecological and agroforestry regeneration of forests and communities. They achieve this by training and connecting various societal stakeholders, enabling them to actively contribute to these regenerative efforts. Their multifaceted approach includes training programs, lectures, events, reforestation actions, and ecosystem regeneration projects. By promoting soil recovery, restoring the water cycle, and preserving biodiversity, Reflorestar Portugal strengthens local economies and communities.

In 2022, Reflorestar Portugal partnered with Life Terra to further support their ecosystem restoration projects in northern Portugal. Over the past two years, this NGO has planted more than 4,000 native trees and shrubs. Their tree planting activities are both educational and participatory, involving volunteers, local governments, schools, and other NGOs.

Link to Website: Reflorestar Portugal – Pensa como uma Floresta