Valley with trees


SEO/BirdLife, the Spanish Society of Ornithology, is the leading environmental NGO in Spain. Founded in 1954, their mission has remained the same ever since: with birds as their flag, they want to conserve biodiversity with the participation and involvement of society.

SEO/BirdLife is the representative organization of BirdLife International in Spain, a federation that brings together associations dedicated to the conservation of birds from around the world. It is the largest global organization for the conservation of birds and nature, which has representatives in 121 countries and mobilizes approximately 13 million members and supporters around the world.

SEO/BirdLife collaborated with Life Terra in the reforestation project Bosque Fantástico of Valdavido (Leon, Spain) in the designing of the planting site. On March 2022, we planted more than 3,500 trees of 16 native species in this area of high ecological value. Read more here.