Valley with trees


Founded in 1893, the Royal Forestry Society of Belgium / Société Royale Forestière de Belgique / Koninklijke Belgische Bosbouwmaatschappij (SRFB-KBBM) aims to promote and protect the forest, as well as its sustainable management. It encourages its members to practice sustainable and quality forestry and trains them in forest management techniques. The association deals with all aspects of forestry technology and pays particular attention to the adaptation of forests to climate change.

Belgian forest owners, like so many others in Europe are facing many environmental challenges. For example, the bark beetle problem is heavily affecting (spruce & fir) forest stands. SRFB-KKBM is involved in finding and demonstrating solutions to achieve more climate-resilient forest that are based on cell structures and more diversity.

Together with Life Terra we organise a first demonstration event in Brussels area in March 2021 to show stakeholders the importance of climate resilience and how tagging trees can contribute to monitoring long term performance.

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