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Landscouting in Burgos and Pradoluengo

In this planting season, we are not only planting but also looking for new landowners that want to have more trees in their land!

The Volterra team visited a few municipalities in Burgos and we are really excited to announce that Villagonzalo Pedernales will start planting with us in a couple of weeks 8,000 new trees and shrubs of a great diversity of species.

Vilagonzalo Pedernales is part of the platform “Corredor Biológico Mundial” that is working towards creating a green corridor to decrease land fragmentation and contribute to the dispersion of species. An event will be held this spring to involve the citizens of the town to create these green areas around their town.

We will also be collaborating with Pradoluengo, which claims to be one of the towns that have been celebrating for longer the day of the tree! On the 3rd of May in this small village near the “Sierra de la Demanda”, the day of the tree is celebrated together with the youngest of the village. In this case, Life Terra will provide the trees and celebrate this tradition with them!

Looking forward to it!