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Planting event with Plant for the Planet and Pau Casals school

This week, Life Terra had the pleasure to take part in the activities of Academia-Plant for the Planet with kids from the Pau Casals school in Viladecans, Catalonia.

Together, we learned about climate change, climate justice, and how to spread the word to raise environmental awareness. Children had a really good time getting ourdoors and planting some trees together in their neighbourhood, of course all tagged with the Life Terra application.

After that, every kid made a personal pledge to fight climate change in their everyday life. All these small actions combined will contribute to having a better planet.

Thanks to Plant for the Planet Spain for inviting us. This is the first of many collaborations to plant together and inspire future generations for climate action!

We invite all schools to join Terra Mission, our STEM-based Educational Pack on Sustainability and Climate Change for students ages 8-14