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Tree Survival: How Life Terra trees are growing?

Planting a tree is just the beginning of a remarkable journey. We understand that the real measure of success lies not only in the activity of planting trees but also in ensuring their survival and growth. For this reason, we make sure to monitor tree mortality and survival rates across various locations. Here's an example of our findings and the concerted efforts that made it all possible.

Monitoring the survival rate of trees

Life Terra, in collaboration with its partners plants thousands of trees with companies and volunteers contributing to the reforestation of areas suffering from climate change. In this case, we will analyse the monitoring results of Interpreta Natura, an NGO, based in the Valencia area, formed by a team specialised in the interpretation of the natural and cultural heritage for the purpose of raising awareness for conservation. They organise several planting activities, around 10 per year, on behalf of Life Terra. These activities take place in 8-10 different locations per year).

They involve many types of people and stakeholders, in fact the collaboration includes organisations and individuals (companies, municipalities, other NGOs and associations, vocational students, special education schools and centres.

The data in this analysis comes from a sample of trees planted and monitored by Interpreta Natura in different locations over a year. Our goal? To measure the resilience and vitality of these trees as they face the challenges of their new home.

Here are the survival statistics from four selected plots in their first year.

This promising trend highlights that our project's commitment to planting more and more trees is becoming real. Furthermore, the results show that the effectiveness of our approach in caring for these trees is proving to be positive and impactful.

Interpreta Natura counts on professionals who are experts in fields such as pedagogy, interpretation, the arts, history, sustainable development in the natural environment or project management. They are part of our “Planting Partners”, and together with them, we have collaborated to plant trees in the Valencia region.

Last year, a fantastic volunteer initiative has taken place to prevent forest fires and help trees survive and grow. These volunteers are called "Fire Leaders," and their work has been a big success, having appeared on TV!

Cultivating Survival with Care: Our Collaborative Approach

Behind these promising numbers lies a meticulous strategy driven by our dedicated team and partnership with Interpreta Natura, our planting collaborators. The journey towards higher survival rates involves more than just the planting phase. It's a continuous work!

One of our instrumental contributions to this project is the development of a monitoring tool that helps people keep track of their planted trees. Through this in fact, it is possible to acquire information on the location of trees and also to know an estimation of carbon emissions captured. 

Interpreta Natura plays a pivotal role in tree maintenance, demonstrating their commitment to our shared vision. Their holistic approach includes:

Mulching: To ensure trees have the best start, we add a protective layer of mulch during planting to regulate soil moisture and temperature.

Regular Monitoring: Through frequent site visits, we keep a watchful eye on the trees' progress, addressing any issues that may arise.

Seasonal Irrigation: Recognising the challenges of summer, we provide essential hydration to the trees, promoting their survival during the critical initial stages.

Sustaining Progress: Nurturing Trees to Thrive

The significance of proper tree maintenance cannot be underestimated. Particularly during the crucial early years and challenging summer months, taking care of the trees is essential to their survival and their flourishing. With our eyes set on the future, we're excited to witness the growing impact of our project, one tree at a time.

At this point, with summer still upon us, it's reassuring to observe that a remarkable 82% of this year's monitored trees have survived their first summer in this region. While the final numbers are yet to be tallied.

Planting a tree marks the beginning of a deep relationship with nature. Together with our partners, we're fostering not only the survival of these trees but also a vibrant, sustainable ecosystem for generations to come.