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Life Terra launches Carbon Removal Credits

Do you want to offset your emissions?
Life Terra's Carbon Removal Credits aims to facilitate your path to CO2 neutrality and broader sustainability goals. Our recent certification of a tree planting project, facilitated by the ASES on-chain protocol and blockchain technology, marks our commitment to environmental stewardship, extending beyond carbon credits to include certifications for biodiversity and water credits.

What is a Carbon Removal?

Carbon removal involves extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and securely storing it for extended periods, decades, centuries, or even millennia. This process holds the potential to decelerate, restrict, or potentially reverse climate change. Life Terra is built upon the understanding that tree planting stands out as the most economical nature-based approach for capturing carbon. Our reforestation initiatives across Europe actively participate in ecosystem restoration, simultaneously playing a crucial role in lowering atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

What is our added value in Carbon Removal Credits?

• Reforestation and restoration of degraded land
Life Terra's carbon removal credits come from our reforestation efforts in Europe. We plant a mix of native tree species supporting natural regeneration and fostering ecosystem restoration.
• Support rural development
We split the benefits with the local landowner who owns the planting site promoting the development of rural communities and the maintenance of plantations in the long-term.
• Transparency
We plant in Europe where reporting protocols are stricter and planting sites can be visited often to monitor. We have developed an online platform where we register all the trees planted and offer information on location, species and CO2 estimation.

Where are these credits available?

Carbon certification and verification is a key element to ensure that our reforestation efforts are indeed contributing to carbon capture. For this, we use the ASES On-Chain Protocol from Nat5 to ensure that the Carbon Removal Credits, as well as the pioneer Biodiversity Credits, provided by Life Terra are transparent and actively contributing to climate action. We are prepared for incoming reporting requirements and we help other organizations to avoid complexity and simplify their CSDR, ESRS, SBTN and TNFD integration into their strategy.

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